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FEG AMD-65 (7.62x39mm):
Imported by TGI

Background: I had been meaning to get an AMD-65 AK for quite a while. I had done research for about a year (I researched GLOCK for about two years before picking up a Glock 30SF) before even thinking about ordering one and when I finally did and picked it up and shortly afterward I knew I had something special.
Originally the Hungarian AMD-65 was meant for armored infantry and paratrooper units and it was favored due to its compactness with an original barrel length of only 12.6 inches. After being imported into the US as parts it was reassembled using a long Tapco muzzle break making it slightly longer than the US minimum standard of 16 inches for a rifle barrel. Suffice to say it isn't the same as it's smaller East Bloc relative, but it'll do.
Additions: Magpul AFG, AMD-65 Tech Stock Adapter, UTG MTU010 Quad Rail, Soviet & Hungarian steel Magazines, Vortex SPARC Red Dot
Upcoming Additions: Magpul OD Cerkote Coating
Goal: A short-range, quick acquisition weapon for urban and rural run and gun engagements
Out of box stock

Breaking down
Addition of UTG Pro MTU010 Quad Rail
Addition of Magpul AFG,
AMD-65 TECH Stock Adapter,
Steel 30 rd. Soviet Magazines

Addition of Vortex SPARC Red Dot


Savage Axis (.308):

Background: I knew I would eventually need (and want) a long rifle for hunting and long range perimeter detail work. For some time I have been looking at Savage Arms and their relatively inexpensive line of products. A friend of mine has had an older model Savage chambered in the somewhat rare (by today's standards) .300 Savage round, which has served him well for the time he's had it until the stock broke, which could be chalked up to it being over 50 years old.
Additions: Allen Company Buttstock Rifle Cartridge Holder, UTG Tactical Low-profile Universal Foldable Clamp-on Bipod
Upcoming Additions: TBA
Goal: Long range hunting and reconnaissance rifle
Out of box stock
Addition of UTG Bipod and Allen cartridge holder
Accompanied by Prvi Partizan .308 168 gr HP BT Match


GLOCK 30SF [Gen 3] (.45 ACP):

Background: A first firearm is always an important first step into that world. Doesn't matter if it's a hobby, career or just for self-defense. It's basically your first kiss. It's that important. It took me a couple of years to narrow my search for my first pistol, but after reading Patrick Sweeney's The Gun Digest Book of the Glock, 2nd Edition and watching numerous YouTube reviews (especially by hickok45) I settled on getting a 3rd generation Glock 30SF. It isn't the perfect carry pistol for sure as it is a rather bulky and wide pistol, even in the Glock family, but most importantly I know it'll go bang every time I pull the trigger. After a couple thousand rounds it still shoots flawlessly without any hiccups.
Most recently I have had new sights installed as well as having the slide coated with Cerokote by a trusted local vendor. As my eyes have been failing me these last couple of years the need for a tighter sight picture is certainly a much needed improvement. There's nothing wrong with the stock Glock sights, but my eyes can't quite work with them anymore. Still this is my go-to gun for just about everything.
Additions: Magpul OD Cerkote (done by Wicked Weaponry), Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights
Upcoming Additions: TBA
Goal: Everyday carry pistol\IDPA
My Glock 30SF before going to the range in 2011

Now featured on Wicked Weaponry's website

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